HIS Healing Infusions!

Psalm 107:20a “HE sent HIS WORD and healed them…”

HIS Healing Infusions!

Medicines “left behind” create questions. At times, since their value may worthless now seem.

When those who once took them — now with HIM; so what further use is there for their prescriptions?

But! Such benefits still can bring health to our souls with each preferenced “medicinal” choice!

So I speak of HIS WORD which speaks life to these bones! I sing of those verses that they also sang!

Bringing healing to others as well as yourself, heed each word our PHYSICIAN
prescribed for your health!

As HIServant drinking in HIS WORD along with you for restoration,


Devotional: Psalm 103: 2-3 “Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all HIS benefits: WHO forgives all your iniquities, WHO heals all your diseases…”

Walking through the house of someone whose heavenly presence is most recent, you’ll be met with some typical sights.

You’ll see medicine bottles half full,
tubes of healing balm manufactured somewhere in the world, “cards” of prescription pills to press out through their foil barriers.

And the first thought many have is, “What do we do with all these pharmaceuticals?”

So it occurred to me that the very WORD of Almighty GOD IS our medicine!

It’s eternal too and none of it is waste nor does it have or let alone “pass” some due date/expiration day.

So the favorite verses of our loved one in heaven bring health and healing to us as well!

Therefore we must read daily and absorb HIS pure, restorative heart within ours!

Let us take the medicine that our CREATOR inscribed for our souls with HIS nail-scarred hands!

Amen and amen!

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