Seek Ye First!


Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of GOD, and HIS righteousness;
and all these things shall be added unto you.”!

Oh, Beulah Land! GOD’s Glory seen
once we cross o’er these seas.
Life’s waters deep traversed at last;
thus safe ashore our wearied feet!

On Heaven’s blessed sands we’ll stand
once Calvary’s KING returns!
Transparent stones of priceless worth
will form our mansions — undeserved!

Till then, Beloved, till then we press…
YEHSHUA’s NAME uplifting!
So all who hear encouraged are
to serve HIM well — submitting!

Yes! Live for CHRIST though Life distract
by seeking Heav’n above!
Salvation draweth nearer now
so focus on HIS Kingdom come!

As HIServant telling you of HIS glad tidings, HIS amazing grace and endless love,


Devotional: The Promised Land of Glory! Beulah Land! Heaven! Our eternal Home! So we are told to seek first HIS kingdom…not building our own, yes? But the second part of this verse is often ignored, missed, looked over, passed by and so forth. We are also to seek HIS righteousness! So what does that mean?

A message of HIS righteousness is humble, honest, full in scope and whole in zeal. We look forward to entering Heaven through CHRIST’s payment alone. At times we are restless but our efforts are to be directed.

This means seeking first HIS kingdom AND HIS righteousness in tandem…AS we serve relentlessly. So what might that look like? Rather than standing looking up into Heaven as the disciples did after CHRIST ascended, we are to go into the valley and reach the Lost.

Yet it isn’t JUST the awakening of a Lost soul that excites and encourages us. Rather it’s the realization that one day HE is coming back for both young and mature believers. It’s the desire to be removed from this evil world and have our Faith become all encompassing and fulfilling Sight!Seeing CHRIST face to face! So as we press on through oppression, complacency, fatigue and self doubt…our “end” steps are most satisfying!

It is the reward of never shrinking back and guiding others forward!

Amen and amen!

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