A Question of Grief


Psalms 2:1 “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?”

A Question of Grief

Why DO the heathen rage and imagine vainer thoughts? Why does a “Christian” join their band… as if such acts from God?

Disagreeing whilst creating such divisive, angry winds; do these souls believe our SAVIOUR would — their foolish words — applaud?

What is rampant through these views which are visibly displayed is that the Flesh — alive and well — discards Humility’s constraints!

Rather than Contrition’s voice, such fools boast loudly of “the battle” which is not against the enemy. Instead, they “war”…with saints?

Yea and GLADLY without pausing, so they — errant — swing HIS SWORD. Like a badge to wear they brag of being outcasts FOR The LORD.

But I show to you HIS truth! Such movements bear not CHRIST’s reflection…and to preach as though they do projects the Ignorant’s reward.

To prophets false existing, say your peace with Truth alone and do not wave your banner high as though your speech, The FATHER, wrote!

Rather preach HIM soon and coming! Speak of Grace combined with Love…and leave the trash talk to the wayward; Those who grieve the Holy GHOST!

As HIServant focusing as CHRIST commanded …to do all things in love without Pride,


Devotional: 1 Thessalonians 5:22 “Flee every form of evil.”

So why do members of the Body spend more time posting inflammatory opinions on Scriptures which we have limited insight into?

Let’s ask this another way. What is the purpose of designing a conflict point and then bringing said argument to life, just for the “I’m the only “Truther” out here” badge?

Beloved, graceless belittlement ISN’T correction in love! And! Where’s the humility and true intent to learn rather than just beat people around

So my heart aches further because just as the Philistines were punished for attacking Israel, (actually unwaveringly compelled to do so by GOD’s power), so too will the mockers of other believer’s be punished by GOD. You know the verse.

Galatians 6:7 “Do not err; GOD is not put to shame, for anything that a man sows, he reaps.” Sounds like proof positive for 1 Thessalonians 5:22 above, yes?

But let’s be more direct. Ezekiel 25:15 “This is what the sovereign LORD says: ‘The Philistines have exacted merciless revenge, showing intense scorn in their effort to destroy Judah with unrelenting hostility.”

My weary soul sees banter and debate as the staples of today’s Christian interacting with other Christians. Even people “just asking questions” often do so with a jaded agenda and an imbalanced intent.

But make no mistake, GOD is not mocked. HE shall not let those go unchecked who make fodder out of fellow believers. HE doesn’t turn a blind eye to those who beat HIS flock, rather than feeding them.

So let us first review our heart’s content with a most critical eye. Let us humble question and inform while questioning our own motives…to proactively align them with CHRIST’s.

Amen and amen.

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