Salvation to Impart! (The Joy of Injustice)

Isaiah 53:5 “But HE was pierced for our transgressions, HE was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on HIM, and by HIS wounds we are healed!”

Salvation to Impart!
(The Joy of Injustice)

Have you ever been mocked,
double crossed or betrayed?
Have you ever felt nails in
your back, piercing veins?
If the answer is “Yes”,
finding rest is in vain…
if your life, without CHRIST,
tries to breathe.

To be certain the toll
of the non-Christians walk,
bears a price tag exceeding
the weight of the Cross.
Laden down with Man’s sins,
so none know the cost
save our SAVIOUR with
Blood-bought reprieves!

Soul-cleansed by the LORD,
as HIS sheep so we are!
Without blemish or spot,
given Sovereignty’s heart…
for HE chose to redeem
and salvation impart! So!!
Praise HIM we once mocked
double-crossed and betrayed!!

As HIServant broken because HE
cleansed even me,


Devotional: Matthew 20:19 “…and will hand HIM over to the Gentiles to mock and scourge and crucify HIM, and on the third day HE will be raised up!”

Do you rejoice daily in the injustice of HIS Cross? Does its horrors provide the clearest picture of CHRIST’s amazing love for us?

Perhaps I should start out with factual statements in place of questions. Everything about the Crucification of CHRIST was unjust.

WHO: HE was spit on and mocked by the religious rulers and other unbelievers.

WHAT: An errant, vengeful aggression brought by false rulers and teachers against CHRIST because they wanted to preserve the fear of the Law and their positions, power, prestige, properties, and payments.

WHERE: Right amongst the people who had so recently honored HIM with a palm branch display, in HIS, the KING of Israel’s town, Jerusalem. (Palm branches the people carried are symbolic of a victorious ruler, which HE is!)

HOW: Brought illegally to court, whipped/flogged by order of Pilate as though already guilty. Treated like the murderer Barabas should have been treated…just like we should have been punished!

WHEN: Harshly dragged in chains at night to authorities when no other situation past gave credence or an example to follow.

What a seamless scenario of horrific injustices! But GOD!!

All was purposed as such before Time began to impart Salvation to those who were yet dead in their trespasses and sins!

Oh, how HE loves us indeed! Rejoice then for HE did not apply the penalty due us…to us! Rejoice, Beloved and again I say, REJOICE!! HE is coming again so look up! Be prepared!

LORD, the injustice you suffered for us compels our endless praise with the clinging to and the singing of… THY NAME!

JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!! Amen and amen!

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