Awaiting HIS Stainless Intersection!

Devotional: This early morning I had an extremely vivid vision that I must share with you. These are very rare for me, to say the very least, but the urgency of the Hour was pressed upon me in a most wonderful way!

Feeling half asleep and half awake, suddenly HIS heavenly host surrounded me as though I was in the very center of a massive stadium listening to the angel choir singing. I saw no images but the sounds painted my heart full of excitements a first hand witness.

The volume, the glorious voices entwined seamlessly with the music, rising with such urgency and joy and without any shred of fear or panic, so they sang to me.

They rejoiced together shouting in perfect unison, “The KING of Zion is coming! HE is coming!” Over and over with urgency for over a minute…I cried out with Joy. I remember vividly touching Sherry’s arm several times and telling her what I was seeing! Her arm was warm and her voice, although I don’t recall exact words, but she equally shared my excitement.

I just kept repeating their encouraging words of anticipation to her and myself aloud. Then it faded as quickly as it had come just like for the shepherds GOD sent HIS angel choir too when CHRIST first came to Earth. The experience has left me full of joy!

After I talked with her, I went to the bathroom and then back to bed. Sherry said when I woke again this morning, I kept saying the words “Zion” and “HE is coming!” Then I asked her if we had talked in the early hours. I was wondering, now that it was daytime, what she had thought about what I saw/shared.

But she said we hadn’t talked any during the night. I was blown away! It was so very real and the sounds far outweighed what little “vision” I’d had. I felt and intense and immensely warm light instead of seeing it! Faith…not sight. Still I thought she’d remember me getting up right after we talked to use the restroom and she said I never got up! Thank YOU, LORD!! Beloved, what a beautiful “vision” of heavenly sounds and voices reminding self and you as well, HE is coming, JESUS CHRIST is coming!! Be ready! Awaken! Serve relentlessly!

Amen and amen!

Awaiting HIS Stainless Intersection!

Points of intersection often bear the mark of Conflict.

Disagreement frequents all such spots, as such.

Yet “common ground” is also truly found at each connection

when two people choose to be… both hand and glove!

In agreement then, surrendered, without pride to hinder Life…

so exchange they their positions with each storm.

For as one — with ONE — they travel without any separation

being bound by CHRIST’s selection; thus transformed!

Within Crimson’s flow outpoured, thus is HIS mark upon us settled…

by the form of Calvary’s cross we rise — Unscathed!

Cleansed beyond perfection then by HIS instant intervention shall we intersect HIS presence then…UN-stained!!

As HIServant sovereignly prepared along with you for HIS rapturous return…


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