Surrender’s Best!

James 4:10 “Humble yourselves before the LORD, and HE will exalt you.”

Surrender’s Best!

The roles which we fill in church families and home…from each other are sadly far different.

One leads where two follow yet also reversed is whenever the Body dictates to the Shepherd.

Where the child demands access to paths meant for parents, so too is this Error, detrimentally so.

Thus two positions exist in our roles. Either “Broken/Contrite” or found “Prideful and Vain”.

Though degrees of each vary, choose humbly — surrendered

influencing walks to mirror CHRIST!

As HIServant re-examining every role assigned me and each position within them,


Devotional: Luke 9:23 “And HE said to all, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow ME.”

In the world of software development, there is an approach used called Scrum. It is designed to help build software faster, stronger and with more value…even if requirements change.

As a leader of Scrum, I’ve learned that there are four basic types of challenging people that you’ll encounter.

  1. The Follower: Goes with the crowd.

  2. The Diehard: Always done it one way, no need to change.

  3. The Skeptic: Questions a lot, sometimes demanding proof before trying it

  4. The Saboteur: Will undermine all efforts of Change to the detriment of all.

True enough there are varying levels within each of these types and some crossovers. But as a baseline, these help to identify different challenges and address them properly.

That said, there’s also a great comparison to the Christian Body.

Let’s rewrite the definitions a bit to more appropriately reflect the obstacles that many of us knowingly or unconsciously create.

  1. The Follower: Goes with the crowd. Attends church because parents do, family always has, enjoys the social interaction more so than the message, views Faith ultimately as a matter for routine and ritual rather than something to display or share. Won’t desire to innovate or lead even when truly needed, knows the “exact” length of every line item in the church bulletin “order of events” better than any atomic clock.

  1. The Diehard: Always done it one way, no need to change. Had the same pastor all their lives, not open to GOD’s gifting in a different delivery / guest pastor, every other version of the Bible is Error except the one they use, people need to just follow their unspoken expectations and personal routine and not delay it in any way. Period.

  1. The Skeptic: Questions a lot, sometimes demanding proof before trying it. Spends more time reframing every sermon to fit their personal preference rather than to simply listen and learn, compares everyone else’s worship with a critical eye as if they know the heart of the person sitting near the front who is weeping with Joy, will willingly impact the experience of other attendees negatively with their visible, verbal and subtle  disagreements.

  1. The Saboteur: Will undermine all efforts of Change to the detriment of all. Will poison the church well in order to get their way, will enjoy the downfall of others when their personally destructive plans come to pass, will never share an objective, kind word unless it benefits their narcissistic ego, will bully (even from the pulpit) whenever they are given the platform.

AND… just like Software Development example, any one of the four or combination of them which goes unchecked…can cause the project to fail.

Sadly many view church attendance as being there to fix things…to their liking. Rather than interacting objectively and humbly, we too find ourselves picking up a role card each Sunday for a variety of reasons…both real and imagined.

Such is the reality and “business” of church these days. Rare is the church that interacts as a sincere fellowship within and with those who visit. As such the “itching ears” condemnation can be applied to every one of the four roles mentioned.

Jeremiah 10:23 “I know, O LORD, that the way of man is not in himself, that it is not in man who walks to direct his (own) steps.

So let each of your roles take the lead of the LORD…since we cannot achieve parity, synergy nor oneness without HIM directing our steps.

As the tile of Oswald Chamber’s book “My Utmost for HIS Highest” demonstrates…our greatest outpouring in HIS service comes through Surrender.

As we position ourselves daily, with renewed Humility, our roles will no longer look different but truly be mirrored reflections of CHRIST as “HIServants” and “Supporting Cast” to the masses.

Amen and amen!

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