HIS Winnowing Winds!

Matthew 3:12 “HE is ready to separate the chaff from the wheat with HIS winnowing fork. Then HE will clean up the threshing area, gathering the wheat into HIS barn but burning the chaff with never-ending fire.”

HIS Winnowing Winds!

The cross of CHRIST divides us from the chaff which wants to be

just as we are. Whole chosen,

bought by Blood and thus redeemed!

But their claim of certain sonship

has no root, with CHRIST, entwined. They know no perfect family tree. As such, pretentious — they are blind.

Yea, imposters then — pretending — till the harvest Hour has come…

where discarded is the chaff which tried to falsify HIS blood!

Now to those with eyes, behold this…and to those with ears, take heed! Weed out the charlatans among you: those distracting holy seed.

See the Hour which is upon us; yea! the Gathering by The VINE!

So with the HOLY SPIRIT’s fiery winds, preach boldly…while there’s Time!

As HIServant and branch pressing in with you,


Devotional: Psalms 1:4 “The wicked are not so, but they are like chaff which the wind drives away.”

Chaff: (The seed coverings and other debris separated from the seed in threshing grain: something comparatively worthless)

Like a disguise, so the outer covering of a soul is not the true indicator of their heart. Consider Matthew 23:27.

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside, but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and every impurity!”

In addition, HIS instruction is to preach to the world but not be part of it. In truth, reflect on 2 Corinthians 6:17.

“Therefore come out from among them and be separate, says the LORD. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you.”

The deception of the enemy masquerading as believers: whose core reason for church attendance and position is self-serving…these we must separate ourselves from.

They are hollow shells with no heart of, nor for, CHRIST and whose depth at its extreme can only be labeled “shallow”.  

Far too many such souls are tolerated in the church and they exist as distractions who are blown about by every whim of doctrine…since they have never grounded themselves nor shown any interest in CHRIST as HIS bondservants.

Sadly, many of Today’s pastors often neglect both sides of the coin. Those who are not broken, often reprimanded, and who invest nothing yet attend church for social reasons…are not thrust out. They are entertained further instead of being separated like the chaff that they are.

Hosea 13:3 “Therefore they (the wicked) will be like the morning cloud and like dew which soon disappears, Like chaff which is blown away from the threshing floor and like smoke from a chimney.”

The other side of the coin displays those who once were unbroken and fallen but who have wholly turned back to the LORD. Truly, one of HIS sheep. Here their Reconciliation to that Body of believers is rejected either subtly or outright. How is this just in GOD’s eyes that the unrighteous chaff are given preference OVER a repentant soul?

Matthew 18:17 “If the person still refuses to listen, take your case to the church. Then if he or she won’t accept the church’s decision, treat that person as a pagan or a corrupt tax collector.”

Those who refuse to be humble, are not broken nor anywhere near contrite are by “the other side of the coin” defined as “despised” by GOD. Consider HIS WORD.

Psalms 51:17 “My sacrifice, O GOD, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart YOU, GOD, will not despise.”

Separate yourselves from the chaff which loves its shell of deception and embrace the broken who have humbled themselves are returned for Reconciliation.

The procedure of going to those wayward privately at first and then with a brother or Sister shows the compassion. Bringing it then to the church shows the proper order outlined by GOD. These are “chaff elimination” actions as well as reconciliation efforts.

Consider Ephesians 4:32 “And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as GOD for CHRIST’s sake has forgiven you.”

2 Corinthians 5:18 “And all things [are] of GOD, WHO has reconciled us to HIMSELF by JESUS CHRIST, and has given to us the ministry of reconciliation…”

Finally, understanding HIS Winnowing Winds which blow the Chaff away from the Body and which drives HIS children to repentance and the blessing of reconciliation, let us be quick to apply Colossians 2:6-7.

“So then, just as you received CHRIST JESUS as LORD, continue to live your lives in HIM, 7 rooted and built up in HIM, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.”

As the very seed of CHRIST, let us preach the Good News boldly. Let us protect each other from needless attacks by wolves in Sheeps clothing (by Chaff camouflaged as Wheat) and press forward relentlessly. The Hour is upon us for which we have believed. To see HIM face to face!

Amen and amen!

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