Reviewing the Empty Tomb!

Mark 16:5-6 “Going into the tomb, they saw a young man in a white robe seated on the right side; and they were startled. 6 But he said to them, “Don’t be alarmed! You are looking for JESUS of Nazareth, who was crucified. HE is risen! HE isn’t here. Look, here’s the place where they laid HIM.

Reviewing the Empty Tomb!

“Regiven!” — GOD’s Grace for refreshing;

HIS reminder we’re finer than Gold — purified.

Wholly cleansed by HIS crimson

and filled by such wisdom

whilst reading HIS WORDS for the wise.  

“Regiven!” — restored by our MAKER

so we study intently each page HE inscribed.

Fully fused by HIS SPIRIT

WHOSE pow’r draws us nearer,

then have we CHRIST’s strength to climb higher!

“Regiven!” — Forgiven’s resurgence!

See? Our souls HE redeemed without co-sign nor gap!

Yes, Tetelestai: Purchased!

Both full and whole pardoned!

Thus blameless we stand…as HE planned!

As HIServant cleansed by the same perfect stain of our SAVIOUR,


Devotional: Luke 24:1-3 “Very early in the morning on the first day of the week, the women went to the tomb, bringing the fragrant spices they had prepared. 2 They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, 3 but when they went in, they didn’t find the body of the LORD JESUS.”

Regiven! When by the eternal truths of HIS finished work we are reminded of often! Why? Because satan attacks hourly and our flesh loves to accommodate his devilish ways.

Because we forget when we don’t read HIS WORD daily and when we don’t put our GOD given gift of Faith…fully into action. Remember that HE planned this all for us from before Time began.

From before HE decided to turn Time “on” for us! So don’t let the enemy steal the Joy of HIS perfect and eternal sacrifice nor tell you that you have to “do something more” to get GOD’s favor.

Tetelestai means “It is Finished!” That’s what CHRIST said on the Cross as a reference for us not to add to HIS perfect sacrifice!

So as you read HIS WORD and review your days, keep the Empty Tomb in mind. HE is Risen! HE is risen indeed! Amen and amen!

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