The Master’s Stable!

Within the flowing fields of Terra…
Endless stretching – ranged HIS steeds.
Before ordained to take HIS message to the masses.
Thus mare and stallion, young and old,
with every breed known and untold
comprised HIS stable which at present…filled these grasses.

All appeared as vibrant trotters
Grouped together as one body
With every heart empowered to carry out HIS mission
Thus gazing far across the land,
Speechless was I at HIS command.
E’en so, a remnant galloped out while I stood – wishing.

And yet, surprised I was to find
My “hoofs” were with those “paralyzed”…
…as self awarded, medal winners from HIS stable.
With saddle on, I paused – confused…
…with why these “others” had been used…
…when all my outward presence screamed, “LORD, I am able!”

Beloved Master, can YOU see…
…those thoroughbreds have not obeyed!
They have no saddle, bit nor bridle! Still, they proceed!
Those yet in view which left YOUR side
Must not belong nor can abide!
Thus, they are wild, untamed and useless for YOUR need.

Plus, I have shined the saddle for YOU
And my bit is polished silver.
Extended were my full intentions nearing motion.
Have YOU not called, “Prepare your shoes!”
As both the past and present proves?
My LORD, I do not comprehend why they were chosen!

Yet e’er these words again were voiced
my bit was pulled with rapid force
so that the sharpest taste of pain curtailed each thought.
Then in an instant I became
Aware of HIS – my MASTER’s frame.
At once, HIS words broke me in twain with what HE taught.

“These errant servants, as you say
With no bridle, bit, nor saddle,
Have left you thus behind because they have been broken.
They stand not here to make their point
But race out to – the lost – anoint…
…with Grace – appointed – from MY hand and peace unspoken.

The HOLY SPIRIT is their bridle!
Yea, MY passion fuels their stride!
As such, their selfless actions do as I have tasked.
‘Tis why with them I need no reins
And why I loosed them from their pains.
Soul freedom is their sure reward for which they asked.

But I must tie you to My gate
Until your pride breaks into dust
For you have never trusted ME with all I gave
Though as MY steed you yet remain
Unused, untested and self stained;
Forget this promise not, MY child. Yes, you are saved!!”

Then, MASTER — Tie me to the gate…
For in so doing, I shall learn!
I understand this course correction and believe!
He then replied, “MY child, be blessed
with time to learn and peace to rest.
So when MY call next stirs your soul, you shall…Run Free!!!


The MASTER’s Stable!

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