The Whole of CHRIST!

Matthew 10:38 “And whoever does not take their cross and follow ME is not worthy of ME.”

The Whole of CHRIST!

Meet me where the Cross
once stood upon Golgotha:
the rock which bore HIS spotless
blood and all our weight of sin.

Hanging there within our place,
HE was a nailed note.
HIS story rings aloud each hour!
JESUS died to set us free!

Living now and coming for us,
thus reflect upon the rock!
See the hole HIS cross once filled;
feel the love HIS crimson bought!

Then well exceeding reading
and reciting of the Scriptures
we shall lead the Lost indeed…
to that chasm bored in stone.

For as the Cross is empty
and the Tomb; so sits that void!
Resurrection representing!
HE WHO filled us — overflowing!

As HIServant grateful that HE abundantly and completely filled the hole in this heart with HIMSELF,


Devotional: Matthew 27:37 “Above HIS head they put a sign that told why HE was nailed there. It read, “This is JESUS, the King of the Jews.”

What Good News! What a banner and headline “note” to nail there for all to see!

JESUS is KING! No only is the Cross and the Tomb empty…but the crevice in the rock of Golgotha which held up the Cross…its empty too!

Matthew 16:24 “Then JESUS told HIS disciples, “If anyone would come after ME, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow ME.”

The example for us? Don’t leave your Cross in the ground but take it up! Carry it instead…and follow CHRIST!

Amen and amen!

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