From a Child’s View…

Psalm 27:8 “You have said, “Seek MY face.” My heart says to YOU, “YOUR face, LORD, do I seek!”

From a Child’s View…

One’s view equates to Perspective, doesn’t it? So whenever our sight is hindered, then context is lost. 

Therefore! Our hope is inseparably entwined with Vision, even when we close our eyes.

Perhaps greatest seen are our spiritual aspirations when we dream of Heaven. 

Our final home and eternal resting place…forever beholding our GOD and KING!

Yet here, still on earth, what is seen is “through a glass darkly”. HIS face is obscured by the distractions of life and we strain to see HIS hands, as such, evidently working in our lives. 

Consequently, Longing increases and Despair tries to overwhelm our senses. 

But GOD! 

When we gaze into HIS eyes through every book, chapter and verse found in The Bible, our perceptions are then renewed. Hope is restored at last! 

Suddenly…a gentle hand reached down and lovingly lifted the stuffed teddy bear from the floor. 

White furred and little, ever clutching a satin covered heart in its paws, so it waited breathlessly being slowly turned over until…it could finally look upwards.

Then there he was; the one who had made him! His Creator, remembering back to the very moment of its creation, visibly smiled at the fondness of this recollection. 

And…for several joy-filled moments, their shared perspective seemed timeless. 

Great wonder filled the big brown eyes of the little bear,  who simply reflected the face of the one who had knit him together…so long ago. 

“And I thought he’d forgotten me, the eternally youthful cub happily exclaimed within. “I thought I’d never again see HIS face.” 

But he’d always been well cared for and placed along with the other hand-stitched family of bears. Even so, he’d managed to fall off the Founder’s old Hope chest .

This had happened due to his daily leaning — all the more so, just to be sitting in front of the rest. 

So Gravity finally stepped in…and the little bear soon found himself face down on the floor.

But now! In this moment! Now to just be held in his arms, to look into his eternally calm eyes, he wasn’t anxious anymore! 

He no longer had a perspective of hopelessness or helplessness! 

Though this peaceful realization flooded his every thought, still he paused to intently watch the Creator’s face…as he was again placed with the other stuffed animals on the Hope chest. 

“What Truth!”, he told himself. “How grand!” He’d always been in his Creator’s house…always loved and cared for without decline!

The difference was that today, he’d fallen and lost sight of his maker, who had, in contrast, had always kept watch over the little bear.

Then those loving hands reached down once more and gently touched the satin heart which had been sewn to his paws. 

“You are mine!” the Author said to him, reading the three scripted words on the pillow. 

And with that, the furry cub sighed peacefully while he slowly stand up and without even blinking once…watching until his father had left the room. 

“He’ll be back!” he excitedly told the others. “I know he will and I shall be here…watching expectantly for his return! 

And having said that, he began leaning forward once more…eagerly awaiting HIS Father’s face whispering aloud “I am my Beloved’s and HE is mine!”

As HIServant in your service and watching for HIS face alongside of you, 


Devotional: Lamentations 3:25 “The LORD is good to those who wait for HIM, to the soul who seeks HIM!”

So…I was walking through my bedroom this morning and noticed the little bear cub here mentioned, lying face down on the floor. 

Now there are indeed a number of small stuffed animals on a little wooden chest.

But this one looked like he’d just slipped off the edge and in that moment as I passed by him laying there, the LORD filled my imagination with this story. 

So I think of us, losing sight of our Creator at times. Filling the space in front us with other things, other views and different faces. 

Many are natural occurrences in life but most aren’t. As such, I reminded myself to look up for the sole purpose of seeing HIS face. 

Since a great number of others do not know our Designer, our Founder, our MASTER and King…we must be the ones whose study and faith…leads them to press in along with us! 

So then, let us be found wholly expectant of JESUS and sharing our zeal for HIM daily!

Amen and amen!

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