Rejoice without Ceasing!

Psalm 145:21 “My mouth will speak the praise of the LORD and all flesh will bless HIS holy NAME forever and ever!”

Rejoice without Ceasing!

Make my wants and needs align just with YOUR thoughts. 

Yea, this broken heart consume within YOUR presence!

Divinely thus distract this soul

till all my sight beholds YOU…

and Rebellion lies deceased with all its questions!

For then, with all dross and all excess cast off,

YOURS alone I shall be — with my will changed at last!

Once each cell is transformed, so this servant shall witness Salvation.

Thus eternal rejoicing so shall my soul have!

As HIServant filled with praise for our soon and coming KING,


Devotional: Psalm 115:18 “But as for us, we will bless the LORD From this time forth and forever. Praise the LORD!”

Think of a weighing scale. We have been given the unequaled gift of eternal life. That blessing…is immeasurable!

So simply put…”all else” cannot compare, add up to nor be anything like…HIS GIFT! So we only have one suitable response!

Psalm 145:1 “A Psalm of Praise, of David. I will extol YOU, my GOD, O KING, and I will bless YOUR NAME forever and ever!”

Amen and amen!

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