The Endless Consuming!

Psalm 130:5

I wait patiently for the LORD, my soul expectantly waits, and in HIS WORD do I hope!”

The Endless Consuming!

As sinners whose stains have been cleansed by CHRIST JESUS;

so are we reborn, wholly changed and transformed!

Even nothing like we were before!

With reflections now different than every past picture;

so no “looking back” can 

propel us ahead!

Therefore! Only HIS face comforts us!  

What grace! Yea, such rapture

whose blessing is endless!

Thus solely we sing every praise to


Hallelu, hallelujah! Amen and amen!

As HIServant awaiting the Bridegrooms’ return,


Devotional: Lamentations 3:24 “The LORD is my portion and my inheritance,” says my soul;“Therefore I have hope in HIM and wait expectantly for HIM.”

SIMPLE question. Rhetorical inquiry. I’ll start with this phrase. “You cannot master what you do not measure.”

To what do you compare your zeal for CHRIST — with? Are you looking hourly, zealously….even with an all consuming hunger?

I know I ask that a lot but I feel the consuming presence of our SAVIOUR pressing in to us!

Make HIM your endless consuming because HE willingly gave HIS blood to endlessly save you!!

Amen and amen!

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