By HIS Breath Indwelling

Psalms 36:9 “For with YOU is the fountain of life; In YOUR light we see light!”

By HIS Breath Indwelling

First witnessing birth, then an
infant expressions…
with Sounds softly rising, thus drawn
these heartstrings.

Bending low with Compassion filled
with Love’s reflections…
so am I found speechless by Joy my
sight brings.

Now beholding Creation’s initial
exhale, so the cry of these
newborns with mine
then convenes!

To our GOD WHOSE hands formed
them; these kittens so precious!
Therefore! Joining their choir, my voice
also sings!

As HIServant ever amazed by the miracle of birth,


Devotional: I was privileged that one of our cats who has some physical challenges was able to give birth to two healthy kittens.

Previously she’d been outdoors and though pregnant before, we never saw the kittens.

Living on a couple country acres, there’s other dangers for young ones. So to see them healthy and the mother being so fiercely protective of them…

…it reminded me of the mother’s heart GOD gave my Sherry. She’s an amazing, charitable and loving mother, wife and best friend.

HE gifted me with my one and only soulmate and gave me 100+ poems just for her over the years

So my answered prayer remains steadfast in hand with her…with our hands in HIS!

Amen and amen!

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