Judges 10:16 “So they put away the foreign gods from among them and served the LORD.. And HIS soul could no longer endure the misery of Israel.”


WHOSE Soul!!

None other can purchase redemption for no one is righteous — not one. Besides! 

CHRIST our SAVIOUR and SHEPHERD we know because HE changed our hearts from the hardest of stone!

There then is no price that Flesh pays which can cleanse someone’s stainings. 

Neither payments in part can be offered, much less “paid in full.”

So with pockets now emptied of self saving pride and it’s trappings…this fool is reminded once more of WHOSE soul formed my own.

As HIServant re-remembering my purpose as HIS souls’ reflection,


Devotional: Simply GOD fashioned our souls after HIS own. We are made in HIS image and purposed to reflect HIS heart to the world.

Sometimes the offensive pressures of the world have to be called out for what they are. But even then, there’s no real victory as they shrug their shoulders and smirk, “Whatever!”

Just deeply saddened to see the decline of simple kindness of the soul….in favor of fear driven expressions regarding the Certificate of Vaccination ID 2019-?.

Therefore, oh my soul, let us not forgot WHOSE soul we must reflect and why! 

But GOD!! This is the main point of this devotional! HIS soul grieves over our miseries!

HE wept at the death of Lazarus! HE bottles every year drop we shed! 

Psalms 56:8 “YOU keep track of all my sorrows. YOU have collected all my tears in YOUR bottle. YOU have recorded each one in YOUR book.”

Thank YOU for YOUR soul, oh LORD GOD! 

Amen and amen!

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