Psalms 18:6a “In my distress I called to the LORD; I cried to my GOD for help.”


Abigal, whispering through her exhaustion, conveyed fervent instructions to the prisoner in front of her.

Moving then with both furtive glances and visible tremors, so the other woman proceeded slowly and deeper into the shadows…followed closely by Abigal.

Frequent groans of anguish often confronted their ears as many were visibly overwhelmed by the unknown. 

Then suddenly, their forward movement was met by a wall of other souls as they, still hand in hand, found themselves surrounded by a host of other captives. 

Bent even lower so as not to stand out, the two women huddled closely till their foreheads were touching the ground.

As minutes began to pass, whatever breeze they felt was interrupted at random as nearby movements would block the air flow.

Fingers now clasped tighter than any woven rope, locked in unison, as they heard other prisoners tearfully being led away. More whispers, still unrecognizable, were drifting around them as both weeping and desperate cries continued around them.

Weighted further by the sum of their audible cries, Abigal exhaled with a violent shudder. She felt like they were now at a crossroads.

Rather than wait for their inevitable removal, they could run. But where and…how? These thoughts and questions battled within as her breathing regained its rapid pace.

Then the area around her began opening up as her companion suddenly released their shared grip and began wailing softly. Instantly covering her ears as the whispering grew louder, Abigal realized that flight had now become impossible. 

There would be no retreat and no one to save her. Since her friend was gone and all that remained was the fresh presence of silence and the pending moment of Completion. 

Yes soon she too would meet the known and the unknown would shrink back to the darkness.  So burdened now by fears and doubt, she was unable to move other than the constant trembling controlling her body.  

Even when hearing muffled shouts people drawing near, she couldn’t break her free from such paralyzation. 

“What’s her name?”, she then heard through her fingers pressed together and clasped tightly over her ears. Resignation to whatever was there crashed over her like a colossal wave. 

Abruptly falling prostrate, flat against the ground and screaming out for rescue (if there was indeed a GOD to hear her) Abigal simply quit and waited to be drug off into whatever.

Although her hands now clutched the floor beneath her, her uncovered ears heard no such indications of doom! Instead, Silence briefly appeared and in its moment, a hand returned to hers and clasped it tightly. 

Relief then flooded thru Abbie and her tears were uncontrollable. Her tremors also returned but they were present without any Fear or Apprehension. 

Relaxing within the hand that held hers, so her following experience was that of several hands joining the one that lovingly embraced her heart’s cry.

Whispers quickly transformed into joyous expressions interceding! Light began touching her eyes and soul as fervent prayers surrounded her still frame!

Tingling with warm emotions and bubbling over with transformation, she then heard the name and her life finally changed. “JESUS! JESUS, JESUS!” 

HIS NAME filled her entire body and now recognizing the ONE WHO had been calling out to her for years, she leapt to her feet shouting!

“YOU’ve always been there! YOU’ve always held my hand! YOU’ve always been looking for me and today! TODAY!! Love has rescued me!! Thank YOU, JESUS! Thank YOU, my LORD!”

Hallelujah…Amen and amen!

Psalms 18:6b

“From HIS temple HE heard my voice; my cry came before HIM, into HIS ears!”

As HIServant in HIS hands,


Devotional: We’ll never know the barriers and internal barbed wire another soul has to overcome just to bow before the LORD.

To walk down the aisle, to kneel at the altar, to give up yourself, it’s sometimes a terrifying crossroads to face.

Love then those still battling against HIS call and pray then they too, will meet our LORD!

Amen and amen!

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