Faith’s Prayer, Insistent!

Faith’s Prayer, Insistent!

Janes 5:16!

How relentless this Hour!
Constant pressures constrict
both one’s thoughts and each soul.

Hear our prayers continue
for increased this battle
Yea, we plead, “Heed our
hearts’ cry, sweet SAVIOUR!”

Yet we smile in the face
of this storm’s great
oppression! Though satan
belittle our vessels with Malice…

…still YOU stand against him and
each hoard of Hell’s demons.
Thus nothing can touch us
outside of THY will!

So although their restraints
have been sovereignly loosened
and although their attacks
seem most tidal of waves…

YOUR planning is perfect;
YOUR will bears no error!
Thus grant our petitions, with
strength…to break Weakness!

Yea, listen and be wholly
pleased interceding…Yes!
See that we faithfully beg
just for YOU…

because no complaining
bring we as we’re waiting!
YOUR servants bow surely
before YOU remaining…
so heal us afresh, LORD!
We pray without waning!!

Arise! For our trust is in

Amen and amen!

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