Built Just By! (A short sermon)

1 Corinthians 3:6-7 I have planted, Apollos watered; but GOD gave the increase. 7 So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that waters; but GOD that gives the increase.”

Built Just By! (A short sermon)

Atop a large boulder
untouched by a chisel,
extensively reaching in
height and by width….

sat a man whose attentions
were solemn and reverent.
In The SPIRIT HE prayed,
while unmoved by the world.

Soon a gathering came
and marveled — sarcastic.
“We heard that he came to
build something for GOD!

He claims as a builder, so
he has been purposed.
Yet where are his tools
and materials then?

Thus stood they in shifts to
find fault with his mission.
So he would address them
by preaching of CHRIST.

Soon dwindled the numbers
of those disagreeing as
others whose hearts HE
touched stayed to rejoice!

Clinging just to the LORD
and their fellow believers,
then came the day when
only CHRISTians stood there!

At that instant so rose up
the preacher — rejoicing,
for here was the church
that GOD told him to build!

As HIServant daily studying and learning about, praying to and preaching for JESUS with you,


Devotional: Job 23:12 I have not gone back from the commandment of HIS lips; I have esteemed and treasured the words of HIS mouth more than my necessary food.”

Thank you in advance for reading this all the way through.

My heart is for the Lost AND for the Found who do not yet know the greatest treasures of HIS WORD which are gained only through daily, serious and selfless study.

My opinion is gained from Scripture and 55+ years of Life’s lessons and HE’s always teaching me more.

And for many years HE’s had me helping out ministries overseas where lack of food is a far greater challenge than here.

Even so! The bottom line, the message of the Gospel and the unceasing encouragement for depth in CHRIST must be highlighted MOST
of all.

Above even our necessary food!

Again, Job 23:12 I have not gone back from the commandment of HIS lips; I have esteemed and treasured the words of HIS mouth more than my necessary food.”

Let’s now start with 1 Corinthians 3:10.

“According to the grace of GOD which was given to me, like a wise master builder I laid a foundation, and another is building on it. But each man must be careful how he builds on it!”

What a direct commandment for every believer! “Built Buy!” then is a reminder that GOD is sovereignly THE ONE WHO builds
the church.

Yes, we plant, others water but GOD is the only one WHO adds to HIS church daily. We trust in HIS power, not ours.

But Man measures with earthly tools and attracts mainly with just earthly means and the result often is a surface level understanding of GOD under the banner of “Love”.

As such, attendee numbers can surely be gained by simply using the world’s marketing and sales techniques.

But I recall the “numbers” following JESUS after HE fed the 5,000 men + women and children. (Matthew 14:21)

Why did HE say to them the next time they came around to him? What did HE say about WHY they were following HIM now?

HE said that the message hadn’t meant anything to them. They came back only because of the free food.

But there were great numbers. If we just measured by that, we’d be very wrong regarding “Growth”.

Point being, bringing them in but not helping believers dig into HIS WORD – as most important – then is a sad outcome indeed.

Consequently, Danger comes with regularly drawing people in by anything other than the very content of GOD’s WORD.

Here’s why.

If churches mostly use food, programs, entertainment, free things, raffles to draw folks in, then they’ll need to KEEP UP such attractions to keep those people coming and hopefully donating.

That takes time, effort, money and more for things that AREN’T directly teaching, encouraging, equipping or helping others stand on the WORD of GOD.

Now having offerings like child care and the like I understand. Being a light in the darkness gives us the privilege of providing help so that parents can listen – undistracted.

Having outreaches for donating food, clothes, etc are worthy as we’re to be HIS helping hands to others!

But if GOD’s WORD / content really isn’t the vast majority of a church’s voice to its surrounding community…

…then people often and instinctively care less about coming to know CHRIST, let alone knowing HIM any deeper.

Instead, they naturally care much more about what that churches’ social services are, etc.

NOTE: It can be a slippery slope if not carefully weighed, prayed over, carefully thought out AND THEN administered.

Far too many churches have sadly become welfare, social justice centers whose message aligns more so with “What’s Trending?” rather than with the ageless WORD of Almighty GOD.

Yes, HE said that we’ll always have the poor in this life. But the greatest treasure to be given to anyone IS JESUS CHRIST, knowing AND growing in HIM.

So in this devotional, “Built Just By!”, the preacher ONLY preaches CHRIST. He doesn’t have freebies and a “love only” short message each week. He teaches all of GOD’s WORD.

Then naysayers and scorners come out against him. But over time, GOD added to own HIS Body and the dissenters eventually faded further away.

So the preacher in this devotional stood
up and looked out at those GOD had transformed.

Given the increase in the number of souls to see GOD, he rejoiced for the church now standing in front of him that GOD alone built!

Built Just by…GOD!

So my encouragement is to lead then with the Joy of the LORD’s WORD. Lead with CHRIST’s content and not our own.

Stress how priceless THE WORD of GOD is because when people don’t have food, don’t have the programs, don’t have the interventions which others provide, then!

They’ll STILL HAVE the LORD to lean on…IF they’ve heard enough about HIM from others and from ourselves!

But should the emphasis be on handouts and not MORE SO the message of Salvation with the continuing spiritual growth of the individual…

…then when there’s no other hand to help, many won’t know to hold onto the LORD in such times. They’ll just feverishly look for the next handout…without trust in the LORD.

This I truly speak most of all to myself. Period!

I have lost everything twice and learned that GOD provides as much or as little as HE knows I truly need. I thank GOD for every provision HE gives me from others.

But I never want to be someone, as the old proverb/ adage goes, who just looks to be fed by someone else for a day, much less in the spiritual sense.

We must be focused on the doctrine of GOD and teaching the Why? of why HE can always be trusted…for everything!

Then by focusing most of all on the teaching and doctrine of HIS WORD, people will have a full picture to trust in the REAL SOURCE of their food and sustenance, amen?

For someone to want an eternal relationship with our precious LORD, well knowing about our firm foundation and solid Rock…well, that truly requires solid teaching.

Only such priceless instruction will help them through the darkest storms and the hardest of times.

So in these devotions I share with you today, every solid church, as such aligned with GOD…teaches the whole Bible and its doctrine.!

They also believe that GOD will bring the listeners and also transform each whom the FATHER has given to CHRIST…into steadfast believers!

With this great truth, we then are to preach daily wherever we are given opportunity.

GOD uses these moments where someone overhears your words indirectly and tells looks for where you go…so they can have the Joy that you have in JESUS!

Therefore whether the church is large or small, GOD’s content cannot be minimized, massaged for itching ears, nor compromised for numbers’ sake.

Whatever sized church we attend then must be based on this scriptural truth as Paul strongly instructed Timothy.

So I share this now as a blessed reminder to myself and all others.

1 Timothy 4:16 “Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you!”

So building by attracting predominately through social events or entertainment driven activities just to maintain current head count and bring in new folks…is a flawed approach.

Few churches cling so tightly to what GOD’s WORD, verse by verse ACTUALLY says. Rather, their denominational opinions are strictly adhered to and church as a business takes over as the priority.

My heartfelt prayer extended to you today then is to seek HIM with a desperation like none other! To press into HIS presence in these hours where the world is turning darker.

Because! A “Love only!” message won’t give the spiritual depth and platform needed for a soul who’s struggling desperately because no human hand is there to help.

So let us step aside to watch GOD build our churches on the ROCK of JESUS CHRIST.

Let’s equip every believer to stand firmly in their own relationship with HIM.

Let’s give HIM every honor, praise and glory as such, loving on and teaching all others the same!


Amen and amen!

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