Dis-Courting Doubts!

Jude 1:22 “And have mercy on those who doubt…”

Dis-Courting Doubts!

Without courting Worry
nor trying to be fearless,
one walks through THE WORD…
and gains GOD’s resolve.

What sweet transformation
from Striving to Rest!
What bondage surrendered…
as Faith is expressed!

Let HIM still you then;
calming all your thought’s waves…
for HE walks on the seas and
alone grants us grace!

So lift up the stumbling
who’ve slipped ‘neath the surface.
Then, clinging to CHRIST,
rise together…with purpose!

To worship this ONE by WHOSE strength — persevering…you steadfast shall stand without ever worrying!

As HIServant gladly clinging to our eternal Power SOURCE with you,


Devotional: Jude 1:21 “Keep yourselves in the love of GOD, waiting for the mercy of our LORD JESUS CHRIST that leads to eternal life.”

“Courting” is defined as “the act or process of trying to win the favor or attention of a person or group.”

By dis-courting then all Doubt, Fear, Concern and Worry…we then court CHRIST.

But we don’t have to win HIS attention! HE chose and loves us, having bought us for Eternity!

We are HIS Bride so “courting” these other influences which are harmful to ourselves is complete Error.

Replace then such Doubts with Faith and those Fears, with Boldness. We are heading to our wedding with JESUS!

So stand then steadfastly in heart and and exclusively in hand with the ONE WHO calls us HIS own!

Amen and amen!

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