Title Transformations! (A poem short story of Redemption!)

Psalm 28:6 “Blessed be the LORD! For HE has heard the voice of my pleas for mercy!”

Title Transformations! (A poem short story of Redemption!)

“One must accept their sins be covered by CHRIST so its wages of Death are not to them — applied.”

So read she the card which some passerby gave her…then tossed it aside. She’d no need for a SAVIOUR!

Then steps brought her own up the courthouse to witness…those “set in stone” words! “Trust in GOD” was its message.

This too was brushed off by her callous assessments. “No crutches are needed for me! I resent this!”

Then finally before just an earthly judge titled, a question was asked, would she swear on the Bible?

Without hesitation nor batting an eyelid, she graphically cursed her approval — excited!

But while Foul’s expression was yet on her lips, while loathing still flowed through her wickedness;

GOD — into account — called this woman’s denial. Her voice then was silenced as Fear replaced Ire.

For that judge was her father, a GOD fearing man who knew she’d escaped Justice “most often” — more than.

Given Life’s many “courtrooms” she’d come through unscathed, he knew this was the hour, when pipers…get paid.

With heartstopping impact so painful this lesson was such since the WORD he removed from her presence!

Then on broken glass fell her hand, on her picture! “Swear by your own self since you’ve figured you’re worthy!”

With this blow to her heart, she beheld the aged photo of her in third grade…when she had been devoted.

With such realization o’erwhelming her grasp, so she gasped — pressing down — on the framed, broken glass.

For he’d kept all these years as great treasure, this image of them holding hands. Oh what Joy without limit!

His smile matched her own then. Their hopes knew no boundaries! Oh! What had she done spewing Hate from Pain’s foundries?

Then scarlet she saw on the tip of one finger. It glistened so brightly CHRIST’s message — still lingered!

Now reminded of Grace and the price that HE’d paid; now rekindled her love for The ONE her soul saved…

…so she laid down all things, on bent knees crying out! “Father! I’m beyond guilty…by everyone’s count!”

“Unworthy, unclean, all those terms that I fit; please do not let me be! Make sure this time…is it!”

Yes! Break me by whatever means — using chains — so I never return to such self- absorbed ways.”

So there on that courtroom’s, well worn wooden floor; she poured out her heart’s cry to her father…and LORD!

As if Time had been hindered and no moment passed, so she basked in HIS presence until what she grasped…

…was slowly removed by this most gentle man who replaced then the Bible back into…her hands!

Then lifted by Love, he helped her gain her feet. Stood she there with great Joy since her sentence, he’d read!

“My prison time earned! So deserved is this justice. But Compassion he showed…though his life I’ve disrupted!”

So this prodigals’ courtroom — the kitchen back home…where her mother and father stood with her — alone!

There Grace flooded her valleys where scars had been forged…as her body with Peace felt renewed and restored!

What Mercy, what Favor was transferred within her and transformed this soul from one “Lost” — to “Forgiven!”

As HIServant with you, made flawless, faultless and spotless by HIS blood,


Devotional: Luke 19:10 “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost!”

What Joy when HE changed then my title, with a total transformation from “Lowly and Lost!” To “Found and Forgiven!”

Amen and amen!

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