Street Ministry!

Wow! Today was such a blessing testifying of Sherry Lynn Jasnoch’s healing from GOD and praying with people. It was a beautiful warm day and minimal contact happened from 1:30-4:00.

Lots of thumbs up and smiles and waves but no one pulled up to talk with us.

Then a pastors wife drove up and encouraged us. 🙏🏻👍 She took pictures of our signs and said she was showing to her husband. She gave us a idea of where to do this the next time and waved as she left.

Then a man named Dave showed up in his buckeye car and shared how he was with Kairos and I mentioned the work our Michael Bolin does with Kairos.

He’s a guitarist too and was very encouraging and we got to pray for him. He was a blessing too!

Then a huge three axle, older RV was needing to turn and Dave’s little Sprint car was blocking the turning ability of this massive recreational vehicle.

So he smiled and moved on and as the RV passed us, the men inside yelled out, “We love you guys!” and the pickup behind them who must have been part of their group honked his horn and smiled as he turned past us.

Then a good friend (lives around Sunbury) from high school showed up out of the blue. She’d been at our wedding and gave us both big hugs. She was an encouragement too and we prayed for her.

As we finished and looked up, a little car was paused in the turn area in front of us. Goeller Jessica stepped back and waved farewell so the two ladies in it come drive up to us.

They introduced themselves as Marty and Connie and they both had physical issues they asked for prayer for and Marty shared the request for her daughter with Fibromyalgia.

Both ladies knew the LORD and prayed for us after we were done. Marty was obviously a prayer warrior and it was awesome to see other members of the Body exercising fervent prayer with others they didn’t know either!

Then we met another man named Dave who had a great testimony. He’d been in over 20 accidents (I thought my 8 or 9 was a lot!)

He was very involved in helping people and shared a lot of the same pain stories that Sherry had had.

We got to pray for him and he asked for prayer for his Ukrainian wife and her son and also for his eldest daughter.

We talked for a long time and soon 6:30 pm rolled around and we were tired. We did see a little blue car a few times in the afternoon and it stopped a little ways away from us.

I’d just put the signs in the car and after I told Sherry about seeing the little blue car frequently over the last 4-5 hours, she encouraged me to put my sign back out.

Kinda like “Hey, we’re still open for business!” 🙂 But he drove on about 5 minutes later so we knew we were done for the day at least.

POINT BEING: This is why I love Prayer because the need INSIDE the Body is huge! Total strangers need prayer just as the Lost do!

So! We’re going to make this a weekly ministry and encourage all to write out a “Free Prayer” sign and get ready to “love on” all the people GOD sends your way!

What a privilege indeed and my heart goes out in loving thanks ❤️🙏🏻 to my Sherry for answering GOD’s call…and bringing me along!

See you soon!

Whitney and Sherry

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