The Last Carry On!

Psalm 16:11 “YOU make known to me the path of life; in YOUR presence there is fullness of joy; at YOUR right hand are pleasures forevermore.”

The Last Carry On!

A solitary figure stood by the Airport’s luggage carousel.

Their early morning flight had been nearly empty to this small town, and as such, few bags coursed through the rubber doors.

On this winding, mechanical path so just 1 suitcase now remained. However, it had already come past 3 times before.

But rather than remove it, she had simply watched the well worn object circle past.

In it were contents she’d carried on every trip. At one time, it had been fairly empty but years later, it was now fully packed.

Investment and Time had since joined in with the other pair and as such, their insistence was near deafening.

Even so, although the voices of Attention and Obligation said otherwise, this woman’s sense of urgency was nearly gone.

Then, with the conveyor belt still moving, she sensed the presence of another now approaching.

“Ma’am?” she was asked. “We’re going to shut down for the night as no more flights are due in.”

Then came the inevitable question. “Ma’am, is that your baggage?”

Within the void of Silence which briefly followed, she weighed her thoughts carefully.

As the older travel baggage rounded the last curve nearing the exit, she turned on her heel and replied with a sincerely relieved smile.

“Thank you, but no. It just reminded me of one that I used to carry but don’t anymore.”

Devotional: Psalms 94:19 “When the cares of my heart are many, YOUR consolations cheer my soul!”

Worry, Doubt and Fear daily try to add themselves to what we carry through this life.

But instead of accepting their weighty burdens, let us just take the LORD’s hand each morning and leave all such luggage behind.

Let all such negative weights fill the baggage you leave behind from this day forward!

Psalm 138:7 “Though I walk in the midst of dangers, YOU guard my life when my enemies rage.”

“YOU stretch out YOUR hand; YOUR right hand saves me!”

Hallelujah! Amen and amen!

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