Disconnecting Distractions Daily!

Septuagint: Psalms 86:11 “ Guide me, Oh LORD, in THY way, and i will walk in THY truth: let my heart rejoice, that I may fear THY NAME!

Disconnecting Distractions Daily!

Such great throngs yea, large numbers of gathering members fill the pews of such earthly domains.

Where no Quaker would venture nor diligent student would come since the teaching lacks doctrinal Fear.

Though the fear of the LORD begins Wisdom’s foundation yet thousands of churches have built upon sand.

Even doubling down with the world’s entertainment until reverent study – detached – from HIS praise.

There only the minutes of singing are valued! Yea, mostly the music is given attention.

So question for all: which craves greatest your soul? For HIS perfect words or some artist’s expression?

When answered we have this dividing line question, then we’ll know “where we stand”! On the ROCK…or on sand!

As HIServant who plays and truly loves worship music but not at the expense of sound teaching,


Devotional: Proverbs 4:25-27 “Let your eyes look forward; fix your gaze straight ahead.”

26 Make a level path for your feet, and all your ways will be sure.

27 Do not swerve to the right or to the left; turn your feet away from evil.”

Spiritual Disconnects: A simple truism. You can’t use great worship to excuse not steadfastly studying and sharing Revelation or any other prophecy. And if there isn’t sound music offered OR sound doctrinal teaching, keep looking.

So if your church quickly brushes past Revelation, only talking about it in broad generalities then it’s likely not a foundational place to prepare and equip you for end times.

If your church has a shorter message than the music and their social meet and greet time, maybe ask why that’s more valued than GOD’s written word?

I get these are sacred cow topics to many but this isn’t the time to be kicking back, getting all our vacation and fun times in and then just sitting around waiting for CHRIST.

That’s not watching, nor is it truly waiting on HIM.

Again, only you know if your own spiritual priorities are well set and aligned with HIS instructions. I surely don’t.

But HE does! So if you’re not aware of the times or not asking these questions, I suggest that you do as the time is short and HE calls us to fully occupy till that Day.

So let us remove all disconnecting distractions and get into the meat of GOD’s WORD. Though Bethel Music inspires at times, the doctrinal beliefs there are questionable, even suspect.

Though Hillsong Music inspires at times, their doctrinal beliefs are both questionable AND suspect.

Many sermons obscure GOD’s truths and do not align with GOD’s word, as such.

Time does not permit to name others but many big box churches are built on their music and not on GOD’s WORD.

That should give CHRISTians pause to reflect. GOD inhabits our praises AND calls us to a life of sacrifice for HIS NAMEsake.

That’s where lots of folks decide lukewarm is the most comfortable place to be and “good enough”.

You can tell if the messages at a church always fail to prompt you to deeper study, then Apathy is fueling the pulpit.

So be critical thinkers and examine your own spiritual steps and your own values and interests at church.

After all, the sermons we hear should always evoke great change in us all, amen?

CHRIST’s did.

Amen and amen.

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