Kindling Staples

Psalms 80:3 “GOD of hosts, restore us and make YOUR face shine and we will be saved!”

Kindling Staples

Rekindle these flames by the breath of THY SPIRIT, oh LORD! This, my prayer, is lifted.
Replenish with rain from YOUR storehouse of favor…those fires of zeal, yea, re-gift me!

For although I stood close to YOUR side “yesterday”, this hour stands separate — departed.
As such, this parched soul craves the blaze of THY SPIRIT, here bowing —- in need of fresh water!

For Today proves — reminding — again in YOUR presence, before YOUR WORD’s plenteous table…
that much more than Milk’s substance is needed to live!
Thus THY manna and meat are
my “staples”!

As HIServant always reading, eating, learning and growing by HIS WORD,


Devotional: Psalm 119:88 “Revive me (us) according to THY loving kindness, So that I (we) may keep the testimony of THY mouth.”

From one day to the next, we are attacked as Christians. Internally and externally. Visibly and Invisibly. So let’s look at how CHRIST responded to satan in Matthew 4:3-4.

“The tempter came to HIM and said, “If YOU are the Son of GOD, tell these stones to become bread.” But JESUS answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of GOD.’”

So CHRIST only used HIS WORD to respond to satan. The sovereign, Holy SPIRIT led and inspired WORD of GOD…that hadn’t been fully written as yet.

We therefore depend completely on HIM to revive us daily by HIS power and compassions so that we can “keep the testimony of THY mouth.” HIS WORD is for more “meat” than it is “milk”, we must become one with HIS WORD by reading it daily and applying it even more often to our own walk.

HE is the Living Bread! So HE is our spiritual manna, and by reading with zeal to learn and be transformed, we must chew on each verse and digest each chapter as the unfailing strength for this life!

Consider this. Prophecy makes up OVER ¼ of the Bible! There is great meat and manna within it’s 8,352 verses of the Bible’s total verses of 31,124.

So why then do most look for the “milk” to provide more than what it was meant for? Growing and maturing moves us from milk to
manna and meat…when we agree
to preach, teach and seek HIM throughout the whole WORD.

*** “According to “The Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy” by J. Barton Payne, there are 1,239 prophecies in the Old Testament and 578 prophecies in the New Testament for a total of 1,817. These prophecies are contained in 8,352 of the Bible’s verses. Since there are 31,124 verses in the Bible, the 8,352 verses that contain prophecy constitute 26.8 percent of the Bible’s volume.” ***

As speakers, preachers, teachers and more of HIS Holy WORD…we must never neglect the critical need our flocks have for MEAT. GOD never meant the flock to remain on milk because it would never grow and never reach the levels of faith necessary to help lead others through their trials
and tribulations.

Psalms 51:10 “Create in me a pure heart, O GOD, and renew a steadfast spirit within me!” Do so within us, FATHER! Give us fresh water and fresh fire from the HOLY SPIRIT.

Teach and transform us as we open and share every one of the 31,124 verses YOU wrote for our edification and growth! No cherry picking of topics, no isolation of verses, no milk coating offerings with every church service.

Rather! A even and level outpouring of the Milk, Manna and Meat ministries. This GOD-ordained, well balanced delivery provides for spiritual change, ongoing nurturing, mature growth and the accompanying necessary depth. As such, the WHOLE becomes our necessary staples for living and thriving as HIS children.

So do not cast off any part of Scripture. It is all given by HIM as our necessary sustenance in the form of “kindling staples” to bind us closest to HIS Holy Fire!

Amen and amen!

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