Celebrating “It is Finished!” (Tetelestai!)

Matthew 28:6 “HE is not here, for HE is raised just as HE said; come see the place in which our LORD was laid.”

Celebrating “It is Finished!” (Tetelestai!)

HE exhales Truth while the flesh prepares fiction.
Fabrication, quite naturally, stains human hearts.

Therefore! Daily tend we to work on every “story”,
but HE WHO knows all…sifts Deception from Fact.

Yea, purely HIS WORD HE breathed through chosen men…
upon tablets of canvas with Sovereignty’s pen!

Consequently CHRIST’s crimson-stained cleansing continues;
by HIS sacrifice — timeless — erasing our debts!

As HIServant bought before Time, knit in my mother’s womb by Sovereign hands and forever ordained to follow HIM WHO wholly took my punishment,


Devotional: John 19:30 “When he took the vinegar, YESHUA said, “Behold, it is finished.” And HE bowed HIS head and gave up HIS SPIRIT.”

When CHRIST chose to surrender HIS SPIRIT, HE died in our places. All our sins from eternity past through eternity future — HE paid in HIS Blood and paid in full.

All of GOD the FATHER’s wrath fell wholly upon JESUS. No part of HIS payment was insufficient. Else Salvation is works based. Otherwise, we need to get busy to pay our share.

Stated several times before, Redemption is what HE did at the Cross within a timeless span. You weren’t there, nor was I. It ONLY could have been done BY HIM.

Salvation then is when HIS command to and drawing of our souls — collide. When HE apprehends us, shakes us fully with WHO HE is, and opens our eyes to truth. Then…we “receive” HIM WHO is our FATHER.

So the “Finished Work” was done by the AUTHOR and FINISHER of our Faith! The ALPHA and OMEGA! The Beginning and the End!

Hence, after HE designed us before Time, planned good works for us to walk in once birthed, knit us in our mother’s wombs and continuously breathes life into us till this very instant…it is HE alone deserving of all glory, credit and honor!

My finished works (a.k.a. “Wretchedly filthy rags”) are absent of any positive value…and therefore cannot be credited any percentage of HIS finished work. So consider 1 Corinthians 15:20

“But now CHRIST has been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who are asleep.”

HE’s up! HE’s risen! HE paid it all for HIS own and it. is. finished! Hallelujah! What celebrations we shall both lift and enjoy…for an eternity!

Amen and amen!

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