When the Puppet Breaks Free!

2 Timothy 2:24 “Abstain from the disputes of fools who are without instruction, for you know that they generate conflict.”

When the Puppet Breaks Free!

“Without strings attached” is a statement, most common;

a phrase which is meant to convey non-restraint.

But the greater truth known goes beyond simple jargon

since our MASTER is CHRIST…and we bear HIS chains.

Daily sharpening stains, satan stabs with a vengeance;

attacking our minds to distract and derail!

But CHRIST’s bonds bear we also, eternally fastened,

which fight we against when our Folly sets sail!

But GOD’s sovereign Anchor secures our souls’ vessel;

HIS loving constraints drag us back towards shore!

Though the darkest, storm waves crash against us in anger,

HIS Anchor still holds! Our Almighty and LORD!

So break from Sin’s bondage and clear from Hell’s clutches!

With zealous surrender, cling just to CHRIST’s cross!

For HIS “chains” restrain drifting, with purpose indwelling

to run us “aground”..in that hour HE calls!

As HIServant, indwelt by HIS Holy SPIRIT and guided with HIS hands,


Devotional: 2 Timothy 2:25-26 “But a servant of our LORD ought not to fight, but to be humble toward every person, instructive and long-suffering, that he may instruct with humility those who dispute against him. Perhaps GOD will give them repentance and they will know the truth, and they will remember their souls and break loose from the trap of satan by whom they were captured for his pleasure.”

Honestly, this was a combination of two thoughts. One is that people who cling to the concept of “free will” also dictate to GOD what they will or won’t do. As though it’s “all up to them” and “GOD’s a gentlemen and HE won’t “override” your will.

I find that sort of thinking “fluffy” and absent of doctrine. Just look at Paul. GOD crushed him and caused him to suffer greatly for HIS NAMESAKE. Paul would have gladly gone on killing Christians but GOD violated his “freewill” to perform HIS own.

GOD apprehended him and showed who is the puppet and WHO is the PuppetMaster. AND…HE does the same with us. The challenge is we tend to ignore HE is sovereign and pretend we can move our own hands. AS IF…we’re the vine and HE is the branches. The verse I used at the beginning, 2 Timothy 2:24, points out it is fruitless to argue with people who choose to argue. Vain arguments, as CHRIST points out in Titus 3:9 are to be avoided at all costs.

“But avoid foolish debates, from tales of genealogies, from contentions and from the contests of the Scribes, for there is no profit in them and such things are worthless.” So we move onward!

The second idea was that our ships go adrift all the time. If not for HIM never leaving, nor forsaking us…then we’d float away out into the worldly “open seas”. We’d aimlessly wander farther and farther from Heaven’s shores and again, if not for HIS Anchor constraining our range of movement, we would leave HIM. 100 times out of 100…and every other equally measured ratios.

So, at the bottom line, HE uses this puppet to write. HE uses yours to do other, equally valuable tasks which HE ordained for you to walk in. Yes, HE takes my vessel wherever HIS will has designed before Time was given breath…by HIM.

Thankfully, HIS anchor’s chain will, mone day, “run me aground” upon the shores of Heaven and I will rejoice in HIS faithfulness! So break free from satan’s chains which are temporary. They CAN be broken! But not CHRIST’s and HE alone WHO is faithful shall bring us safely home.

John 15:5 “I AM the Vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in ME and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from ME you can do nothing.”

Consequently, at no point does the puppet, our clay upon the Potter’s Wheel, force it’s will upon JESUS…our “PuppetMaster/Potter”. We don’t move HIS mouth or arms, HE moves ours. HE performs HIS will separately and THROUGH us and that makes our hope of reaching Heaven’s shoreline — guaranteed! Hallelujah!

Amen and amen!

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