With Infinite Sight!

1 John 5:14 “This is the confidence which we have before HIM, that, if we ask anything according to HIS will, HE hears us.”

With Infinite Sight

When your hands appear empty while trusting HIS will,

as your cup does not seem to run over with blessing;

still this “gap” that is seen, dear beloved, brings Distortion…ever blinding each soul whose belief is in Sight.

Then reported as “truth” viewed through Poverty’s lens

thus such “steal” to themselves

only Debt and Destruction.

So these buy up their troubles and try to bridge chasms

without Calvary’s Cross. Oh, how hopeless their visions!

But our hands are not empty for HE gave us all;

there Love’s perfect provision

is visibly witnessed.

Always deeply within us, HIS presence residing!

What wealth then is ours! CHRIST HIMSELF; without limits!

As HIServant ever grateful for HIS eternal provision of Love,


Devotional: Psalms 66:17-20 “I cried to HIM with my mouth, and high praise was on my tongue. If I had cherished iniquity in my heart, the LORD would not have listened. But truly GOD has listened; HE has attended to the voice of my prayer. Blessed be GOD, because HE has not rejected my prayer or removed HIS steadfast love from me!”

So whenever I “see” Lack with my human perceptions, my brain immediately goes to the “Why?” Do I cherish Sin? Do I embrace its cold, lingering, death-like presence or the reality of my victorious CHRIST…within me??

Isn’t it HIS endless abiding with and within us that grants our souls such joy? Yes! What provision given us…through HIS appointed death, sacred burial and triumphant resurrection!

So! Though the devil dogs bark and bite, though demonic bees sting and stab, though the darkness steal and destroy….still!

Our GOD reigns! So stand, oh my soul…on HIS WORD and every promise! Philippians 4:19 “And my GOD will supply (provide, meet, exceed) all your needs according to HIS glorious riches in CHRIST JESUS!”.

The “Infinite Sight” we truly have comes by abiding in The WORD constantly, by choosing to see through HIS eyes alone and by steadfastly standing on HIS promises and in HIS provisions!

HALLELUJAH! Amen and amen!

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