HIS Breath, HIS Wings!

Psalm 61:4 “Let me dwell in YOUR tent forever; Let me take refuge in the shelter of YOUR wings! Selah.”

HIS Breath, HIS Wings!

Whenever the breeze gently strolls
through the house,
when its “Oh so refreshing!” floats
through every window;
then reminded of HIS Holy SPIRIT’s
indwelling, so am I an eagle aloft who continues…

…to rest on HIS wings! Oh what blessing,
what rapture! To rest on HIS winds of
The SPIRIT — adoring!
Therefore my face is ablaze in HIS
presence as I fly towards HIM —
expectantly soaring!

As HIServant soaring within and by HIS Holy SPIRIT,


Job 33:4 “The SPIRIT of GOD has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life!”

Sitting at home even, pressing into HIS WORD, so there are clear moments when we begin to soar in tandem with our GOD!

Malichi 4:2 “But for you who fear MY NAME, the SUN of Righteousness shall rise with healing in HIS wings. You shall go out leaping like calves from the stall!”

Yes? how HIS SPIRIT blows through us; how HIS wings heal our sicknesses; how HIS presence gives us calm to soar up above Earth’s storms!

So blaze, oh listening soul, your path through the skies! With HIS SPIRIT’s wings and uplifted by HIS very breath…serve relentlessly!

Amen and amen!

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