In Two’s Congregation!

Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered together in MY NAME, I am there in the midst of them.”

In Two’s Congregation!

Where whispers attack 

and “nay-sayers” gather,

where words which are evil 

are thinly disguised…

…is found often the place

where the broken yet steadfast

become congregations 

of two — or much more. 

But the greater of battles

more frequently waged

happens thus in the stillness 

where Silence is chained. 

As such, one’s perception 

sinks as though abandoned.

BUT GOD, fellow soldier 

moves with AND beside you!

For HE lives within and 

cannot break HIS promise:

GOD’s words, then collecting,

be found with — insistent!

Then those who spew whispers

distracting, detracting…

shall hear HIS NAME spoken

and flee to their place!

Yea, the cauldron of demons

stir they then themselves.

To their pot filled with darkness

they’ll flee — now cast out!

So shout JESUS’ NAME! Use HIS sword with this knowledge;

HE shall soon lift us up for 

“The battle is won!”

As HIServant beside and with you, readied for The Rapture,


Devotional: It’s interesting to me  that this verse is translated “two or three” instead of “two or more”.  As a fan of smaller gatherings versus larger, this verse reminds me of CHRIST’s intimate connection with us, HIS children. 

Therefore, I reference this with the title, “In Two’s Congregation!” And within such sized gatherings, we are to be steadfast proponents of sharing The Victory — already won!

So! We must be relentless preachers of “good tidings” and “great Joy” since the world attacks through whispers, normal speaking and as we see now…frenetic, frenzied, wild screaming against JESUS CHRIST. 

We must seek out and lift those in darkness, whose hearts are heavy laden because of verbal and mental attacks. 

You and I are purposed threads in Heaven’s fabric and each must bear one another’s burdens!

We can even capitalize one word in this verse and it will stand out — shouting the Truth!

“For where two or three are gathered together in MY NAME, 

I AM — there in the midst of them!”

Hallelujah! So in congregations of two or three or more, in person, over the phone or Internet, STAND TOGETHER! 

Stand then with both face and heart lifted to Heaven and praise the NAME of JESUS…the ONE WHO has eternally placed us in the “WIN!” column! 


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