Marching Home!

Forever in our Hearts!

In loving memory of our McDonald Kern who served in so many roles:

Devoted and loving Husband, Father, Grandfather, Relative, Friend, and now — GOD’s “Finally Home!” — CHRISTian soldier!

And…as HIS soldier, Dad knew and lived out the Marine’s motto very well. “Semper Fidelis”… which means “Always Loyal & Always Faithful”

So, in summary then, 2 Timothy 4:7 reflects both the voice of Paul the Apostle…and of Don…as well.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith…”

So GOD gave me these words about Don, our squad Leader. 

It’s called:  “Marching Home!”

As a warrior committed and given to lead, by GOD’s SPIRIT well driven and always compelled; so he pressed through Life’s obstacles, conquering fears. loving Order and Rigor and…wrestling as well. 🙂

So with every experience cast in his face, remained he through service, a soldier — steadfast! Through victory and loss, shared he fully this life, with the wife of his youth…and the children they had.

Thus hardened by “battle”, then softened by JESUS, he stood and waged war against every constraint. With humor and wit, so he cast off hell’s shackles; both those which had bound him…and also our chains!

Then found fishing or “squatching” or where the LORD led him…he walked everyone through all his stories — retold. Listening more as Time passed, he then measured his breaths through Forgiveness’ love and with Patience — tenfold.

Now Surrender was never considered by Don…without forfeit, withdrawn from this Life…he was grasped! There no enemy vanquished his dominant spirit! Instead ‘twas the LORD…WHO alone drew him back!

But what else was expected for he who’d marched well in each role with our souls?T’was his chosen routine…being “Semper Fidelis”; now with his CREATOR! So blessed were we, GOD…by YOUR faithful marine.

As HIServants and fellow soldiers with you; eagerly awaiting CHRIST’s return where we’ll see Don and our loved ones…once again.

The Kern Family

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