Unquestionably Then!

2 Samuel 7:28 “Now, O LORD GOD, YOU are GOD, and YOUR words are truth, and YOU have promised this good thing to YOUR servant.”

Unquestionably Then!

Why have Answers — so vague — met with Questions — direct? Why is Truth now cast down and replaced by Deceit?  

Where has Justice been banished and who has decreed this ? Oh when shall the hand of The LORD reappear?

In this present Hour, should these queries consume you…(as given responses to all the World’s actions)…

AND! Should you follow suit with such “Knee-jerk” reactions to Evil’s advance? Then! I tell you, “BUT GOD! 

For our KING is not silent nor slack in this instant; HE’s never asleep or found absent of words! 

For cover to cover HE shouts and sings o’er us; yes! All that is happening transpires on HIS stage! 

Thus the World gains no credit nor claims any spotlight; instead ‘tis YESHUA! Our JESUS WHO reigns!

With the clearest of Answers HE shall split the Heavens! Unquestionably then HE will come —- as HE said!

As HIServant ever grasping HIS WORD; THE Voice of Truth, to share with you, 


Devotional: PSALMS 119:160 “The sum of YOUR WORD is truth, and every one of YOUR righteous ordinances is everlasting.”

Words Matter; HIS truth reigns! 

John 17:17 “Sanctify them in the truth; YOUR WORD is truth.”

Stand steadfast in this Hour and look up because our Redemption draws nigh! 

Amen and amen!

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