Endlessly Entwining; Forever Paired!

Endlessly Entwining; Forever Paired

Forever seems permanent in the moment. Whether first love or a long awaited Christmas gift or a business dealing, it’s often our heart’s belief at that time. 

Being flesh and so temporal, both declining and fading daily; so the concept of Eternity ultimately eludes us. In fact,  it’s beyond our grasp.  

Still we strain like flies in Life’s spider web, trying to extend our individual threads farther than designed. 

Then using other variables which are no less bound than ourselves, we construct expectations which neither we nor those around us can meet.

Unless! Unless our joint view isn’t of the other soul or even our combination….but upon the face of JESUS CHRIST; longing for HIS return!

Then! Then our affections are surely set on things above, even CHRIST alone…the cornerstone of our faith! 

Then! Regardless of our paired endeavor, no matter where our journey leads in HIS footprints, “Forever” shall hold “Always” just as I shall hold you.

As HIServant endlessly grateful for the gift of you, my true love and eternal soulmate in GOD’s hands,

Whitney (5/7/21)

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