The Overheard Handmaiden!

The first time she prayed, and most times thereafter, there wasn’t any highlight to speak of. 

No fanfare, no heavenly chorus or trumpets. Just the internal sound of her heart crying out earnestly…to the LORD.

Still, the absence of HIS audible voice replying then cleared the way for her to press onward — even deeper than the hour before.

With no formula to be followed, no line to draw near nor cross over, so she bore no constraint to hinder her progress. 

With fingers clenched tightly around her Bible, with face lifted streaming tears on both sides, her silent zeal finally found its own voice!

“Oh, my LORD and my GOD; YOUR handmaiden is broken! See? This vessel is fractured beside shattered Hope!”

“But I know YOU hold me, though shards tear YOUR heart; though my failings repeatedly call for correction.”

Yet! YOU draw me closer till — in YOUR wings — resting; YOUR heartbeat renews me with soothing refrains!

As such! I must trust YOU WHOSE feathers shall bear me. As such, upon heavenly wings will I soar!

So take me, through this shadowed valley, sweet SAVIOUR…as I cry to THEE with great faith for Today!

As HIServant entrusted with you, HIS Handmaiden’s care, 


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