The Second Hand’s Moment!

Isaiah 40:1 “Comfort, yes, comfort MY people!” says your GOD!”

The Second Hand’s Moment!

Giving HIM your all!

In the clutches of Anguish, in Sorrowful’s chains, here again comes our voice bound with Yesterday’s tears.

As before and once more Sufferings’ pressures assailing, yet Despair has no Victory! Defeat is not yours!

For HIS transforming hands have not left us to die! For twas HE WHO began our “good work” for such times!”

Therefore! By HIS creation and will, we press on till the Second Hand’s Moment of Rapture — appears!

As HIServant in your service for such a time as this,


Devotional: Philippians 1:6 “…being confident of this very thing, that HE WHO has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of JESUS CHRIST;”

Another title that I had thought of for this devotional was “Comfort’s Command!”

*** To the point: The comfort GOD’s love gives you is provision not JUST meant…for you. ***

So both “giving back” and “giving forward” shall be fully met and wholly satisfied supernaturally….at the Rapture. 

Press onward then…without any GODly compromise. Yes! 

Await with unbridled zeal that glorious moment when the second hand of GOD’s time- piece points to Heaven — at last! 

Amen and amen!

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