Leaf- Blown Longings!

Revelation 14:12 “Here is a call for the endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of GOD and their faith in JESUS!” 

Leaf-Blown Longings!

Go in Full Flight!

Various leaves were within the grass resting. From the tree, their umbilical cords long had been severed.

Thus green-colored faces had deepened to Tan…as they’d long been released into Life’s blessed service.

So nearby they’d gathered recounting their flights. Tales of soaring were many, yea, grand to be heard.

The oak and the maple, the birch and the walnut retold all their stories with all others there.

But one remained silent through every accounting. Yes, one leaf was quiet; foregoing their turn.

Then it’s very soft voice posed this question — insistent. It’s surface seemed — oldest.It’s face — weather worn.

“Dear friends,” so it started, “My flights have been few. Yet near water always, thus refreshed was my soul.”

I have shaded GOD’s children and played within leaf piles. Through this forest I’ve traveled and here have been set.

What I have not heard mentioned in part, no not once …is how all of your journeys began. Please, explain!

Now Silence consumed this great gathering of memories. Collectively joined, yet they gave no response.

Till finally this elder again intervened. “Why, the Wind drew us upward…and gave us our travels!

“Without it we’d only have stayed there attached to the end of a branch, neither flying nor sailing!”

“So give thanks to the WIND, GOD’s own SPIRIT compelling…WHOSE gusts are all sovereign. WHOSE breath gave us life!”

One by one then each listener agreed within whispers; Ashamed of their pride which had filled every tale.

Such reflection was lengthy and with the sun setting, the floor “so to speak” came back ‘round to the sage.

“My brothers and sisters, faint not with declining! Shrink not to the shadows as though life has passed!

Let us gather our hearts and return HIM our worship! Arise! Yes, be readied to go in full flight!”

Just as the inspirational words faded, so a strong breeze began blowing. These once dormant friends now were lifted as such. 

Swirling higher and faster they soared till the higher wind caught them for GOD’s work…elsewhere!

As HIServant in your service till HIS WIND stops blowing,


Devotional: Serve then relentlessly with all readiness to go home in full flight…soaring for GOD!

Amen and amen!

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