Expecting Spring’s SAVIOUR!

Hosea 6:3b “As surely as the sun rises,
HE will appear; HE will come to us like
the winter rains, like the spring rains
that water the earth!”

Expecting Spring’s SAVIOUR!

The crisp winter air
is upon us; from HIS
storehouses blowing
so sense we its chill.

Bundled closely in layers,
the children are playing
as snowmen and snow
forts appear.

What joyful abandon
displayed! What carefree
release they each share
with their smiles!

With such scenic, Rockwell-
like paintings in motion
so let us be filled
with their laughter!

Thank GOD for HIS imaging
work which gives us
insight into CHRIST
as a child!

As a youngster who still
did the will of HIS FATHER
yet gave us the gift of
such fun!

So HE blessed our lives
to be born; to grow up
with lesser of cares in
this world;

…while HIS blood made a
way through each season
of changes to save us
once this life is done!

So go we through Winter
and Spring; through the
days of both Summer
and Fall without fail…

…because HE WHO made
them gave us seasons also!
So let us trust HIM with
the heart of a child!

As HIServant with you clinging securely
to our FATHER,


Devotional: Matthew 18:3 “And said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Now Proverbs 22:15 tells us that Folly is often bound up in the heart of child.” So the silly, illogical fun part of being a child is in their hearts.

But the little child also believes deeply and unconditionally and forgives quicker than more foolish adults like me.

Mark 9:37 “Whoever receives one such child in MY NAME receives ME, and whoever receives ME, receives not ME but HIM WHO sent ME.”

So we can see a baby then as the fun
side of our LORD. :)))

We can take heart that the spiritual
and physical Spring is coming where
we will be set free from the bondage
of this world.

So the chill of Winter shall soon pass because we trust in JESUS…with the joyous and reverent heart of a child!

Amen and amen!

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