Meal Selections!

Job 23:12 “I haven’t wandered away from the commands that HE has spoken; I’ve treasured what HE has said MORE than my own meals!”

Meal Selections!

Only by “Word of Mouth” marketing came the hundreds and thousands to hear the LORD speak.

No billboards or flyers nor internet spamming brought all of those souls to hear JESUS…and eat.

Some just physical food but those fed best chose HIM! They feasted on words which HE gave them for life.

And CHRIST knew their hearts and who’d come just for handouts yet gave unto

all despite this divide.

So why come you to JESUS today, oh my soul? For handouts, for gathering socially…or?

Have you journeyed hungry for more of HIS presence till filled with HIS SPIRIT — great Joy becomes yours?

As such, I preach inward yet boldly with volume! Take food from HIS WORD, oh my soul, and those able!

Whether known or unknowing…what most crave is JESUS. So hungrily come to HIS banqueting table! 

As HIServant hungry to share and to serve, 


Devotional: Jeremiah 15:16 “YOUR words were found, and I ate them, and YOUR WORD was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart; for I am called by YOUR NAME, O LORD GOD of hosts!”

I started to title this devotional: “Picky Eaters!” It’s a truth statement because if we aren’t…then we’ll be more filled with the world.

GOD has me freely post all these things and the goal is so that we’ll both choose to eat wisely and carefully.

So when my eyes are bombarded by all the meal selections which the enemy wants me to consume, I sense great grief. 

Sadness because many believers crave the substance and sustenance of this life and view the WORD of GOD as a carrot. 

“Oh, it’s healthy so I’ll take a baby carrot or two.”

Speaking only for myself, the greatest filling has never come from a juicy steak, a preferred side dish or anything this world has to offer me. 

That’s taken a lot of study and Time I hadn’t always wanted to give. 

But I can steadfastly say that my best “meals” ever are between the table covers of the Bible. 

Dig in then, dig deepest! Search HIS WORD for the healthiest and most filling eternal provisions.

And since it’s an all you can eat buffet, keep coming back throughout the day!

Amen and amen!

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