THE Greatest of Three!

1 Chronicles 16:11 “Seek the LORD and HIS strength; seek HIS presence continually!”

THE Greatest of Three!

Let’s talk but not
about you or me
nor these things
which are “seen.”

Tis grander thus to
speak of HIS NAME.
Yes! To press in
upon — ELOHEIM.

For short this hour!
So let us be wise…
giving HIM the “most
time” of us three!

As HIServant re-reminded to think on HIM above far more so than ourselves,


Devotional: Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek ME and find ME, when you seek ME with all your heart.”

What if we’d capitalized the words “you” and “your” in that verse instead of “ME”…meaning GOD?

We’d have what have today in so many a church and too many a heart!

We tend to prioritize the default view of Self, don’t we?

So when we come together, sharing our prayer requests and needs, far more detail goes into the description than to petitioning our DELIVERER.

Psalm 6:9 “The LORD has heard my plea; the LORD accepts my prayer.”

So don’t get me wrong. As Iron sharpens iron, we are to help the widows and orphans and any who are truly needy. That’s our privilege to serve.

Yet we must not use more “ledger filler” in the description box — talking ABOUT us — than what we actually and fervently put into prayer.

Does that make sense?

So speaking to Self most of all, give HIM most of your time in praise and worship; choosing the “less of me” goal that Paul shared.

John 3:30 “HE must increase, but i must decrease.”

HE is then THE GREATEST of us three! Love!

Amen and amen!

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