Turning Tears into Light!

Psalm 34:15 “The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and HIS ears are attentive to their cry!”

Turning Tears into Light!

There was a teardrop today which she’d never seen; though having lived for many years until this present.

Some unknown sorrow it was which her voice couldn’t reach…nor comfort at least. “LORD, GOD!” she cried out
at last.

For this wasn’t a mirror; or any mirage. Instead this reflection of pain…was closer than “that”.

For her daughters” misstep sadly looked like her own…when she hadn’t aged yet; with scars still unseen.

So was her sadness indeed at
that point of Time. And then she remembered…But GOD! HE had intervened!

Bowing, her heart then in haste, which joined her knees praying; pressing relentlessly into HIS very presence!

There felt she such promise and Peace…exceedingly great.

With trembling lifted, restored: by HIS hands transformed! So raised she one hand above…and touched another’s!

Yes, there reaching down with love was that hand she well knew. Her child, her daughter — awakened! Praise GOD!

From her hospital bed she’d heard tears falling nearby as this young
girl’s fingers GOD moved …with
great healing!

Oh, what a precious moment this was which the night nurse watched from
a distance.

Thankful words of “Mother and daughter blessed by the glow of GOD!” were so barely whispered.

Then just as softly, quietly crossing over the smooth, tiled floor so this “nurse” passed into their room….

…and joined in the fading glow yet flowing upwards to Heaven.

Still sobbing softly, still holding the patients’ smaller hand, the mother rose slowly then to her feet.

With both mirroring this joy from the LORD, the younger one soon spoke excitedly. “How great…is our GOD!”

Amen and Amen!

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