“UN-Denting the Drywall!”

Jeremiah 17:14 “Heal me, O LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for YOU are the one
I praise!”

“UN-Denting the Drywall!”

There are set intersections where GOD chooses us to connect with HIS will.

Even so, there are others which cross other lines…brought by numbers who pray!

Through such zealous warriors come GOD’s interventions; UN-denting the drywall!

So Healing’s hand reaches us…reviving the soul from Frustrations’ extremes!

Desperation thus vanquished…stand then — rejoicing “Intercedingly set!”

As HIServant who GOD healed along with others who prayed,


Devotional: “UN-Denting the Drywall!” is a personal experience that I had about 5 years ago.

On one early morning, after hours of my wife’s unrest and relentless pain, my frustration and desperation overwhelmed me.

We’d been praying and praying and no relief came for her.

So my moment angry because of all of her unrelenting pain, I turned away towards the wall in our bedroom and threw an object at it.

Instantly it left a deep dent in the painted drywall.

And for 5 years afterwards up till THIS August 3rd, it served as a symbol of defeat.

BUT GOD!! HE miraculously healed her back and body after nearly 20 years of suffering on that day.

AND! Now even 27 days later, the healing is still completely present and she gave her testimony at church two days ago!

So 🙂 although that “dent in the drywall” is still there, NOW it serves as a beacon of HIS sovereign and timely deliverance!

Yes! HE clearly spoke with her at 5am that day while she was listening to praise and worship music…

…and brought super- natural restoration and relief WHILE “UN-denting our drywall” as well!

Jeremiah 30:17 “But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the LORD!”

All praise to the LORD GOD our HEALER, REDEEMER, and KING!

Amen and amen!

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