Simple Truth!

John 17:17 “Sanctify them by YOUR Truth. YOUR WORD…is Truth!”

Simple Truth!

Few question

if GOD accepted

CHRIST’s payment.

Yet few believe 

Grace is sufficient, 

although Sovereign.

So choose you

to wholly believe 

all HE says!

As HIServant unquestioningly standing just on HIS WORD,


Devotional: 2 Samuel 7:28 “And now, O LORD GOD, YOU are GOD, and YOUR words are true, and YOU have promised this goodness to YOUR servant.”

Know that the CREATOR of Heaven, Earth and all else…filled The WORD with Truth for HIS children.

And so we are meant to study it, cherish it, and cling it’s many verses till we hear HIS voice saying, “Well done, MY good and  faithful Servant.”

Take HIM then, oh my Soul…at HIS WORD! HE has truthfully promised us eternal goodness!

Amen and amen!

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