Waiting Up!

Psalm 121:8 “The LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore!”

Waiting Up!

Quietly sitting before the fire, the older woman slowly picked up an aged, cast iron poker and proceeded to stoke the coals nearly asleep before her.

Sparks, startled by the sudden movement, then quickly rose up.

As an angry response to the prodding, so heat began to refill the small room where she sat.

And there, gazing out her nearly frosted over cabin window, she thoughtfully pondered the future.

There, as the firelight flickered, slowly reflecting off of her weathered face, complete Resignation began to fall from her shoulders.

Like the snow falling these last few hours, there was presently seen such telltale proof, rising up from the ground!

So her hopes, both gathering and growing, now were displacing the weighty attacks of Doubt and Despair!

Consequently, the gloom of Night which had just been crushing her heart towards surrender, vanished!

In tandem, she then heard a familiar rustling outside and the welcome sounds of her husband returning from the weekly hunt.

Deep and thankful voices were heard from the other men who had also returned and torches began lighting up outside to welcome them home.

So she quickly rose towards the door and as she opened it, she saw the success of their journey being dragged slowly behind a group of tired men.

“Praise be to GOD!” she exclaimed joyfully. The hunt was very successful and the fact that it took several men to pull the animal into the smokehouse meant the LORD had again provided for them!

There would be meat for several days.

Briefly forgetting the fresh mug of hot mulled cider she carried, so she was pleasantly surprised when a large, deekskin gloved hand gently took it from hers.

Turning to look up into the bearded, smiling face of her lifelong soulmate, so she instinctively pressed into his arms with a sigh of relief.

They stood at the open door for several moments, cherishing the gift of each other and the renewed Hope that GOD’s provisions gave them.

And if you were to look then all around their small, mountain based community, this family scene was warmly being reflected at every door.

Finally, strengthened by his wife’s embrace and several tastes of the tasty, cinnamon flavored cider, he pulled back to hold her face and whisper, “I love you so much. Thank you for waiting up for me!”

After several more moments of cherished union, he pushed on the large wooden door and watched as it slowly swung on its large hinges.

Latching it shut, he again turned and with a kiss placed on her forehead, he slowly drew himself down the hallway to their bedroom.

So as she watched him, remembering his unwavering commitment to always love and care for her, GOD brought a broad smile to her face.

Tears began to stream down and soon moistened her rosy cheeks and dry fingers.

“Thank YOU, FATHER GOD!” she whispered. “Thank YOU for waiting up for me too!”

Amen and amen!

2 Corinthians 2:14 “Now thanks be to GOD who always leads us in triumph in CHRIST, and through us diffuses the fragrance of HIS knowledge in every place.”

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