About 2CJC!

Scribe of 5,020+ poems, 3 books (The Crossroads Trilogy)

Married to Sherry Lynn Jasnoch

Lifelong Servant of our LORD with you!

Be Watching, Praying, Serving and Waiting!

Serve Relentlessly!

I love the LORD JESUS CHRIST and the HIS BODY. HE alone is worthy and I cannot breathe without HIM. I owe HIM my life and these 5,000+ poems so far!

“The core skill of successful Christians is Error Recovery, not Failure Avoidance.”

Outgoing, don’t know a stranger, accomplished motivational speaker and published author, great kids, awesome job, wonderful church and friends, “love to make ya laugh” type of guy.

Favorite Quotes:

“It’s the cost of doing business”, “Be all right”, “May the LORD reward you for your heart’s intent”,

“Don’t play devil’s advocate long enough to be know AS…the devil’s advocate”, “Just because you don’t think someone loves you doesn’t mean they’re loving all they can or know how to love”,

“You don’t know what you don’t know”, “JESUS only wants one thing from us…everything!”

“Hot or cold, off or on, good or bad, black or white…you’re either serving HIM with all you have or you’re not”

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