Pre-Scribing Prayers


James 1:19 “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, SLOW to speak and slow to become angry…”

Pre-Scribing Prayers

Oft the graphite of Flesh is mistaken 
for a WORD from THEE, LORD;
for a nugget of Truth.
As such, some chords which clay voices employ
bring a substitute phrase…
which is worthless for use.

How each vessel then speaking
and scribing
must daily rebreak Self;
must always seek Wisdom.
As such, all the rest crave
Discernment comparing the content…
with words which are Crimson!

Consequently, oh Self! Before movement
creates words for Hearing;
creates any lesson…
weigh carefully every thought
you possess!
Share proactively then
just HIS ink and HIS message!

As HIServant and scribe sifting Self,


Devotional: Countless hours of prayer and Scripture searching are mandatory before a message “from YEHSHUA” is delivered. But Timing is often a challenge and as such, “close enough” verses or “near enough” points are blended into the human output of study.

We long to see souls learn of CHRIST and we long for the blessings that come from being the vessel to plant or water the seed. Even so, my heart must revisit the “broad brushstrokes” of the Past and endeavor to not scribe the same error when Error I find.

We must not be so hasty to speak, sing or scribe for JESUS CHRIST…that we wind up delivering a vague, “feel good” message. Sharing only HIS words and carefully weighing what is sent out…helps us proactively learn hard lessons without the full extent which HIS correction surely brings.

So bend lowest, pray slowest and exclusively search Scripture for HIS message…as opposed to what people applaud most for. What most people “like”….for in such “offerings” as these is found the “itching ears” diluted message.

ALWAYS speaking most of all to myself, let us EQUALLY weigh sharing both the hard and soft truths of WHO CHRIST is. Let us erase any act which softens the necessary sharp truths of HIM transforming our souls.

Yes, let us PRE-scribing and PRE-speaking or PRE-acting…carefully compare all with the SCRIPTURES. Give all priority to HIM! All glory, honor, praise and worship then we give to THEE as YOUR WORD instructs us.

Amen and amen.

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