At HIS Appointed Time!

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At HIS Appointed Time!

When no one else saw that your heart had been broken

and no one knew of the battles you’d fought;

still your LORD was aware! Long before you’d been born! 

Yes, the ONE WHO is known without equal….our GOD!

So rest now, weary warrior, recline in HIS hands.

Breath in Heaven to where you’ve been flown!

For your time has now come on the clock which HE set,

for HIS call drew you gently, “Come Home!”

You are whole now, as promised! HIS love has not failed!

Look not back but upon the LORD’s face as you rise!

For I tell you this truth: You are home now — forever!

Take flight, dearest child, with your LORD JESUS CHRIST!

As HIServant in your service,


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