The Lingering Gift!

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The Lingering Gift!

In the moment when HE called me, to rise above this earthly bed…in that instant when HIS hands had lifted this, my soul, to HIM;

yet a momentary pause preceded these, my final steps…which, at the threshold into Glory, there stood still. 

For the briefest, measured span, my broken frame then knelt — expectant…perhaps “the twinkling of an eye” was all the time allowed to pass!

Yet my heart chose so to give you more as this, my presence lingered. Thus HIS joy I wished to share before departing!

And now HIS voice has drawn me over Heaven’s doorstep from your sight! Yet what a blessing were these last few days as we — together — joined!

Thus entwined for “one more moment” which, for you, spanned several hours…was our gift from GOD to share! So! Praise the LORD!

As HIServant praising GOD with you for the blessing of their life,


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