With Royalty’s Robe!

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With Royalty’s Robe!

Transformed for the LORD by HIS glorious crimson 

with Eternal Life’s gift as the height of GOD’s grace; 

so passed into Glory she has at HIS calling with each painful heartache…completely erased! 

Now though life her smile flourished, her joy flowed through service;

compelled by the greatest of hearts we have known!

And! Whatever the family or friendship connection, 

she sewed gifts to others and souls…to her own!

With teal threads weaving roses and daisies unnumbered,

so strong was her love and as strong — her resolve!

Through injustice, still gracious and feisty, while faithful!

Thus! HIS handmaiden blessed us …by giving her all.

Painting smiles, sewing dreams, crafting memories of gold

so our lives — brightly colored — were brushed by her hands!

Persevering through trials while remaining in shadows;

she cried — often silent — yet gave as GOD planned. 

But today! Clothed in sunlight, she walks with our SAVIOUR! 

Her body now healed without any restraint! Yes!

Freed from disease and Despair’s temporal clutches;

with CHRIST’s robe around her!

In Glory, she waits!

For you and for me to press on in this Present, 

to serve with the greatest of Zeal…in HIS steps;

Till before HIM we bow at HIS banqueting table;

rejoining with her…in GOD’s heavenly rest!

As HIServant beside you, pressing on till HE calls,


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