1400 Hours!

When Dad saw JESUS…

The measure of one heart is not composed with physical numbers.

Its score isn’t tallied by pencil and paper. Neither parchment nor screen can display its full sum.

Exponentially blessed by LORD’s sovereign love, so the greatest of these often hide in plain sight. 

Desiring no spotlight nor ranking, such reservoirs gift others without Thought’s restraint. 

Connected to The SOURCE of its life, even CHRIST our LORD GOD, so this one had marched with us till this hour — Today. 

Then solely by sovereign drawing, returned was this one to the Bishop and Shepherd…of his heart and soul.

Yes, with heavenly hands, so this one we loved fully, stepped into the LIGHT to hear “Child, well done.”

Thank we then our CREATOR, WHOSE timing is perfect,and lift our hearts now to reflect HIM — like Don.

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