With Threads of Red, White and Blue!

Pray and Serve GOD relentlessly!

Galatians 5:1 “For freedom CHRIST has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery!”

With Threads of Red, White and Blue!

The American flag was born through extreme Adversity. Its’ woven beginnings are found rooted in unwanted conflict because Good was downtrodden and Justice was compromised.

It’s blood red threads have come from every heart who bowed no longer but stood up instead  — even waged war — for the Truth to be heard and enforced.

These are irrefutable historical facts which no one can tear out and also those which you must commit to keeping vibrantly alive. 

For in our families there were and yet are countless defenders of this country who chose to weave their cords sacrificially… for our greater good. 

So this moment is about non-compliance and non-acceptance of the factless informational strings attempting to weaken America’s Faith and its flag. 

What we see propagated and pressed into our faces as truth is no less than demonically driven seam rippers meant to dilute our senses of identifying Good versus Evil. 

Know that such rampant and deceptive illusions cannot replace — even in the slightest part — any human thread or square of fabric that was and yet remains sacrificially extended to protect us. 

For it was and yet solely is by GOD’s sovereign power through every patriot…that we embrace HIS gift of freedom! 

Therefore! Stand and wage this spiritual battle valiantly upon your knees! As truly patriot intercessors, weld now the whole armor of GOD onto your soul!

Return then to the core fabric of our country; call out to the LORD GOD to break every demonic stronghold — illegally sown! 

Since this Eagle has great strength which was endowed by our CREATOR, I shout to you… 

“Arise! Covered with Prayers’ Fabric and with the Sword of the SPIRIT in hand — Arise, my Beloved: ARISE!”

As HIServant in your service to the only wise GOD our SAVIOUR,


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