Red ROCK Redemption!

1 Corinthians 3:11 “For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is JESUS CHRIST.”

Red ROCK Redemption!

Red rose petals felled from the head of this flower; drifting down upon stones that lay scattered about…

…seem reflections of blood drops my SAVIOUR had shed when this world (with its words) had our LORD — disavowed.

Denying and then crucifying HIM had they; with Victorious claims loudly found on their lips!

Yet feared they the ONE to WHOM they’d not surrendered; WHOSE words called them out as betrayers of HIM!

Still they walked in their errors whilst Fear clutched their throats for CHRIST’s promise was clear; three days had not yet passed!

But then, (as HE said), HIS love conquered the grave thus defeating hell’s hoard! Yea, set free from Death’s grasp!

So whose are you, my Friend? Yea, whose hand holds your own? Does GOD’s word with instructions constrain you…or No?

Thus I zealously pray! Souls, embrace the LORD’s crimson; HIS red ROCK foundation!Yes, cling to…THE ROSE!

As HIServant praying then and yet now that you’ll remain clinging to our ROCK and REDEEMER,


Devotional: Deuteronomy 32:4 “HE is the ROCK, HIS work is perfect; for all HIS ways are justice, the GOD of truth and without injustice; Righteous and upright is HE!”

When drop of HIS blood fell to the stony ground beneath the Cross, we were granted this picture. Thus CHRIST alone, our Cornerstone; was rejected by the world! But HE is exalted by us, HIS own!

Acts 4:12 “Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”

Redeemed by the blood of the LAMB WHOSE NAME is — JESUS, JESUS, JESUS! 

Amen and amen!

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